Author of "Oil on the Brain" speaks to WMNF by Mitch E. Perry

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Where does out gasoline come from?  When that question was raised by journalist Lisa Margonelli, she decided to do something about it.  So she ended up visiting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, oil fields in Texas and Venezuela and Chad.  She went to a refinery in Los Angeles and to the New York Mercantile Exchange trading floor.


It’s all in Margonelli’s new book, “Oil on the Brain:  Adventures from the Pump to the Pipeline”.   She spoke with WMNF yesterday about the book.  We asked her to describe the most interesting she learned after years of doing research on the oil

(roll tape#1 o.q. “seesawing around”)


That’s author Lisa Margonelli, the author of the new book, “Oil On the Brain:  Adventures from the Pump to the Pipeline”.  We’ll hear more from Lisa Margonelli          

On tomorrow night’s newscast.


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