Florida Property Tax Cut Plan assailed

03/21/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday

  In Tallahassee, legislators and Gov. Charlie Crist have made property tax relief their top priority but finding agreement appears to be increasingly difficult. House Republicans have suggested a plan to eliminate property taxes on all primary homes and raise the sales tax 2.5 cents to pay for it. But according to Democratic Senate Minority Steven Geller, that plan has zero support in the Senate.  In fact, Geller said yesterday that the Senate won’t put together their own property tax cut plan for another 3 weeks, and mentioned that there might be a need for a special session to deal with the issue .  Meanwhile, a liberal think tank yesterday compared property tax relief legislation being pushed by Florida Republican House leaders to spending limits Colorado voters suspended in 2005 because too much money was being cut for education, roads and health care. The Washington based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities produced a white paper comparing the House Republican plan to a similar plan that Colorado implemented 17 years ago. That plan, the Colorado Taxpayer Bill of Rights, was ultimately suspended by Colorado citizens in 2005.     The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report characterizes Colorado's  spending limits as a failure and says Florida could expect similar service reductions if the House GOP plan is adopted Florida’s plan has also drawn opposition from city and county officials making similar arguments that vital services such as police and fire departments would have to be cut. Karen Lyons with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities co-wrote the report(roll tape#1 o.q.”is strong”) That’s Karen Lyons, with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorites…TO read their report on comparing one aspect of the proposed Property Tax Cut plan with a similar plan in Colorado, you can to their website…That’s cbpp.org  

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