Tampa urge water conservation

03/30/07 Mitch E.Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

As drought like conditions continue to persist in Tampa Bay, the National Weather Services says it would take up to 6 inches above normal rainfall to erase the drought in the Tampa Bay Area and most of the rest of Florida.


Responding to the situation, the Tampa Water Department today sent out an advisory to urge all users in the city to reduce water consumption beyond the current ordinance restrictions.


Elias Franco is the Manager of the Consumer Affairs Division for the City of Tampa

(roll tape#1 o.q.”in a crises situation”)


Currently, residents and businesses in Tampa may water their lawns only 1 day a  week.

Those restrictions are not being changed,   


But The city is asking citizens to reduce indoor water consumption by monitoring cooking, washing, showering and flushing practices.

 These measures are voluntarily, of course.  But with no possible rain in the forecast for almost a week, the City of Tampa’s Elias Franco says preventive measures are essential- because how long these drought like conditions are not known (roll tape#2 o.q.”voluntarily”)

Water restriction guidelines do not apply to Tampa residents who are using reclaimed water.    

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