Mayor Iorio addresses priorities

04/02/07 Mitch E Perry
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Mayor Pam Iorio and 4 new faces on the Tampa City Council were sworn into office yesterday in a ceremony at the Tampa’s Convention Center.


Alongside the Mayor, who was re-elected last month by garnering nearly 80% of the votes, the Council now includes longtime City Councilman Charlie Miranda, back after after he dropped out of local politics after his unsuccessful bid for Mayor to Iorio 4 years ago…Mary Mulhern, the upset victor over Shawn Harrison, the Reverend Thomas Scott, who essentially trades places with Kevin White, who left the Council last year after being elected to the Hillsborough County Comission, and New Tampa’s new representative, Joseph Cataeno.


In her address, the Mayor discussed once again, her desire to see that mass transit become more than just a dream, but a very real priority to happen in the Tampa Bay Area.


Iorio said the new City Council needed to update the long range Land Use Comprehensive Plan to decide where railway stations need to be built. 

  The Mayor called it difficult, detailed work (roll tape# 1 o.q.”


And Iorio said once the plan is developed and the analyzed, the issue will go to the public as a referendum (roll tape#2 o.q. “in a positive way”)


Mayor Iorio also spoke about the developments in downtown Tampa which she believes will transform the area in a dynamic way, including her signature pet project, the downtown Riverwalk (roll tape#3 o.q.”single project can”)


Later on the Council then voted who would be their new Chairperson would be.


Despite the fact that John Dingfelder received 3 votes, Gwen Miller 2, and Charlie Miranda 2 votes, the rules require that the Chairperson must get 4 votes.  After a runoff, Gwen Miller was re-elected to another 4 years as City Council Chair. (roll tape#1 o.q.”   for the city of Tampa”

 Linda Saul Sena asked to be re-selected to the Metropolitan Transportation Organization, which she has served on for 20 years.  But stunningly, she was denied by Miller.

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