New local progressive voice to get weekly show on Tampa Bay airwarves

05/01/07 Mitch E. Perry
Alan Watts



Throughout much of yesterday’s FCC hearing, there were many voices clamoring for more diversity of thought in television and radio.


Recently, one of the few if only liberal voices on local talk radio, Mark Beiro, was removed from the airwaves on 970 WFLA.


But now News Talk 1040 WWBA has announced that Tampa attorney Scott Farrell will get his own Sunday afternoon show.


Farrell last year ran for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the seat ultimately won by Kathy Castor.  In 2002, he ran unsuccessfully for a Legislative seat.  


Farrell’s show will run from 5 to 7PM on Sundays, beginning on Mother’s Day, May 13th.  He says he hopes to show that there is a market for local liberal voices in the Tampa Bay Area (roll tape#1 o.q.”served in this market”)


Farrell’s voice will be one of the few local ones heard on 1040, and especially one of the few espousing progressive political positions.  Currently 1040’s weekday schedule begins with local conservative Mark Larsen, followed by syndicated conservative Neil Boortz, followed by syndicated conservative Bill O’Reilly.  After former Channel 8 talk show host Brian Fasulo’s local program, comes noted syndicated conservative Michael  Savage.  The regular broadcasting shift then concludes with syndicated conservative talk show host Rusty Humprhies.


Although Farrell did attend journalism school at the University of Florida, he’s never done professional radio.  He says his opportunity came when he began appearing as an occasional guest on Brian Fasulo’s weekday afternoon program.  (roll tape#2 o.q. “learn the craft”)


That’s Scott Farrell.  His new radio show begins a week from this Sunday afternoon from 5 to 7 PM on WWBA 1040 AM (roll tape#3 o.q.”hopefully we’ll have a fun and entertaining show”)


Scott Farrell says his show will also be streamed on the web at  H He says that web site should be up and running by the time he goes on the air. 


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