Tiger Bay of Tampa June 9th Kate

06/09/07 Kate Bradshaw
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday

The bipartisan Tiger Bay Club of Tampa met downtown today to discuss development in two very different, yet very similar, parts of town. WMNF’s Kate Bradshaw reports.

(“We have been neglected…”)

Former Tampa city councilman Frank Reddick spoke today at a Tiger Bay club of Tampa meeting about the triumphs and challenges of East Tampa, the part of town he and others are working to revitalize.

(“…neglected for so many years.”)

Reddick listed illegal dumping as one of East Tampa’s biggest problems. Though most of the perpetrators, he says, come from other parts of town.

(“In East Tampa we have all kinds of…”)

But Reddick said that he and others have worked to help stamp out illegal dumping in East Tampa.

(“We are the only neighborhood in the city…”)

The city of Tampa also recently proposed a legal dump site in East Tampa, Reddick and others fought.

(“Because of the community pressure…”)

While Reddick said that East Tampa faces problems like drugs, new development in the area is a cause for optimism.

(“…we have a Dunkin Donut…”)

But he also cautioned against the possibility that higher property values may price a sizeable segment of East Tampa’s population out of the neighborhood.

(“And we are putting dollars…”)

The second speaker discussed new developments on the other side of town. Downtown Developer Ken Stoltenberg’s firm helped transform the Channelside District from a cluster of warehouses to the urban residential and entertainment hub it is now. His development firm has built 1,500 condominium units in the district. Channelside, Stoltenberg said, is rampant with investors.

(“Between 2003 and now…”)

Stoltenberg said that the two biggest challenges facing the Channelside district in its ability to thrive are public transportation and infrastructure. He said that he believes both Channelside and downtown are about to take off.


While Reddick and Stoltenberg represented two very different parts of town, both expressed similar sentiments when it came to city government and the gummed-up bureaucratic gears that often stall crucial projects. Both speakers were also steadfast in their optimistic outlooks for their respective districts.

From Downtown Tampa, for WMNF News, I’m Kate Bradshaw

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