Iorio announces elimination of 369 City of Tampa jobs

06/28/07 Seán Kinane
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One hundred twenty City of Tampa full-time employees were notified today that they would be out of a job in three months. Mayor Pam Iorio said this afternoon that an additional 99 vacant positions and 133 part-time and seasonal positions would be eliminated. As WMNF’s Seán Kinane reports, these lay-offs will save the city $14 million dollars from the property-tax-funded General Fund.

Iorio: “We are announcing today that we are laying of 219 positions from … 120 of those are not vacant, they are filled. … all employees will be given 90 days.”

The fourteen million dollars of cuts made by eliminating these 352 positions goes partway to the more than twenty million dollars that the City needs to cut in order to comply with the Florida Legislature’s mandated roll-back. Iorio also announced that 17 mostly vacant positions would be eliminated from positions that fall outside of the General Fund, saving the City another nearly 800 thousand dollars.

Iorio said she does not expect an additional round of layoffs this year, but some positions might be eliminated next year, especially if voters approve the so-called “super homestead exemption” in January.

One prominent city employee laid off was Paul Wilborn, Tampa’s creative industries manager. His salary and benefits were nearly 129 thousand dollars per year.

Iorio said that Tampa’s cuts to the arts would not be as drastic as the nearly complete cuts to the arts that were announced by the City of St. Petersburg last week. But the complete City budget will not be released until August.

Iorio said that the restructuring is a long-term issue for the City.


Tampa Police Chief Stephen Hogue said that the Mayor asked him to cut $3 million dollars from the Police Department budget. The Administrative Division was eliminated but no police officers would be laid off, according to Chief Hogue.

Hogue: “Our three million dollar target budget resulted in the ..."

Tampa Fire Rescue Chief Dennis Jones said the Fire Department cut fourteen administrative positions, saving the City 900 thousand dollars.


In April, Mayor Iorio received a raise in salary from 135 thousand to 150 thousand dollars. She said that she did not consider reducing the salary of any city employee, including herself.

For WMNF News, I’m Seán Kinane

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