Schwarzenegger discusses "green" initiatives at summit

07/13/07 Arielle Stevenson
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As part of the two-day summit on climate change, Gov. Charlie Crist and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke today on the urgency of taking action against global warming now.

The two-day climate change summit in Miami closed today with both governors speaking about changes that have been made, and those still to come in the fight against global warming. Gov. Crist says that California’s governor has led the way in creating “green” legislation and climate change initiatives.

Gov. Swartzenager spoke about what he says were the most important of California’s green initiatives. Swartzenager says it is vital that all states and communities involved in green intiatives take responsibility and recruit more communities into reducing greenhouse gases.

The governor of California says that he and Crist have shown that environmental issues are important to Republicans. But global climate change is not a partisan issue, says Schwarzenegger, but rather is a problem that republicans and democrats need to work together to solve.

Florida and California are both very vulnerable to the effects of climate change because of their vast coastlines

Besides reducing carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050, Schwarzenegger says Telsa Motors of California has designed and has begun production on a completely electric car dubbed the Telsa Roadster. And although the first line of Telsa Roadsters are being priced at $100,000, the governor says that the price will come down dramatically soon so that the public can afford a green form of transportation.

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