Rick Perlstein dissects Karl Rove

08/14/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Karl Rove will soon be leaving his roles as top strategist and policy expert in the Bush administration, but some Democratic Party operatives say that doesn’t mean he won’t have an impact on the next election.

Donna Brazile, Al Gore’s campaign manager in 2000, tells USA Today that "Karl outside the White House is more dangerous to Democrats than Karl inside the White House."

Brazile's view: He'll have lots more free time now to dream up ways to boost President Bush's standing, "rebrand" the GOP and conquer the 2008 electoral map.

Speaking in St. Petersburg today, Florida GOP Sen. Mel Martinez said the Karl Rove he knows about, is very different than the one depicted in the media.

Today on the media blog, Press Think, New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen writes that the Washington Press corps’s real and undeclared ideology is not liberal or conservative – but in fact, savviness – and he writes that what made the press so vulnerable to the likes of Karl Rove.

Rosen went on to write that in all of the press coverage of Rove’s announcement yesterday and today, virtually no reporters have written of Karl Rove as a source for their stories. Yet as the Valerie Plame story revealed, Rove is quite often used as an unattributed source.

Rick Perlstein is a senior fellow at the Campaign For America’s Future, a liberal think tank based in Washington. He’s also the author of “Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus."

WMNF spoke with Perlstein today about Karl Rove’s chumminess with Washington reporters, and about Rove’s legacy.

Perlstein had been blogging about Karl Rove the past couple of days on the website of the Campaign For America’s Future. You can find those writings at campaign for america's future

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