Women's Show - AMY DENIO, musician, composer


AMY DENIO is acomposer, improviser, singer, julti-instrumentalist, an engineer, international collaborator, and founder ofherown label, Spoot Music. Heer instruments are voice, accorion, saxophones, clarinet, electric guitar, and bass. She has recorded 28 CDs to date.

Amy has worked with musicians & artists from throughout East and West Europe, Japa, India, and North America. She helped found The Entropics, Couch of Sound, Tone Dogs, Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, FoMoFlo, (ed) Nudes, Pale Nueds, Naked Slime Duo, Petunia, Machas, and Quintettoalla Busera, andshehas been guest vocalist with Curlew.

Hercommissions include music for Itallian National Radio, the Berkeley Symphony, New York Festival of Song, PS 1 Contemporary Art Center, Relache Ensemble, Graney Dance Company, Jamie Hook, Dorfman Dance, and many others

Her music was included in the John Cage Retrospective and she received the Bessie Award (NYC) for her soundtrack to Davd Dorfman Dance Down. She composed the soundtrack for "Pangaea's Brood" which won the "Best Animated Film" at the NY Underground Film Festival.

She will be in concert to benefit The Salvador Dali Museum, EMIT and WMNF Friday, February 6 at the Salvador Museum at 7:00 along with The Rova Saxophone Quartet and Handshake Squad. The Salvador Dali Museum islocae at 1000 Third Street South, St. Petersburg.

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