Iowa Caucus party at Beach Theater

01/04/08 Reif Russell Anderson
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The historic Beach Theater in St. Pete Beach was the gathering place last night for an excited crowd of more than 200 adults who came to watch the giant screen live broadcast of Iowa’s presidential caucus results. WMNF’s Reif Russell Anderson was there to capture reactions after Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee were projected the winners.

A talkative and happy crowd of mainly progressive Democratic voters sat and stood in bunches around the inside of the old movie theater, the latest CNN results showing early leads for Obama and Huckabee on the full screen. These folks braved St. Pete’s version of a frigid Iowa caucus night to hold one of their own in the warmth of the Beach Theater.

They wrote their personal choice for president on a ballot slip and dropped it in a basket near the stage, listened to the impassioned speeches of local Pinellas County politicians, and shared their thoughts and opinions about the presidential race with each other and for our radio listeners.

The results of the Pinellas Democratic straw vote: Hillary Clinton won, followed by Edwards, Obama, and Kucinich a close fourth.

photo credit: Reif Russell Anderson/WMNF

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