GOP candidates trade negative barbs

01/28/08 Mitch E. Perry
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New Polls released today on the GOP side show the race for in Florida is literally too close to call. A Quinnipiac poll has John McCain up by a point over Mitt Romney, 33 to 32 percent.

But another poll released this afternoon by a small polling organization out of North Carolina, Public Policy Polling, has Mitt Romney up by 7 points on the eve of the race.

Tom Jensen is the communications director for Public Policy Polling. He says voters are starting to choose Romney in big numbers.

As the two top Republicans battle it out in Florida, Romney began the day campaigning in West Palm Beach, talking about why he’s the true candidate of change in this election, and how John McCain does not represent true Republicanism.

McCain has won in New Hampshire and South Carolina, two states that allow independents to vote for either party. But Florida is a closed primary, where only Republicans can vote, and Romney is hoping to wound McCain here.

But McCain fired right back in campaign appearances as well as a new Internet placed ad that’s called simply, “A Tale of 2 Mitts.” The ad contrasts comments Romney made in a debate while running for Senate in Massachusetts in 1994, and his "conversion" on some of those same issues as a presidential candidate.

McCain also began airing radio commercials in Florida today where he assails Romney for his spending habits as governor of Massachusetts and a Wall Street Journal poll that says Romney would lose by 16 percentage points to Hillary Clinton in the fall.

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