Florida DNC official on Florida delegates

01/31/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Two days after Florida’s Democratic primary, the issue of whether the delegates will count at the National Convention is still very much in doubt.

U.S News and World Report is reporting that Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean will attempt to broker the issue of Florida and Michigan delegates well before the Convention in Denver this August.

But the magazine adds that Dean has been "quitely appointing members to the DNC credentials committee whose loyalties are to the national party, not to the states," which does not auger well for Florida.

The number of delegates at stake: 210, that’s more than 10 percent of the amount needed for the winning candidate to have, which is 2,025. Of Florida’s 210 delegates, 75 percent, or 156, are awarded at the Congressional District level. How that breaks down won’t be known until this weekend, after the 67 Supervisors of Election around the state report their voting information from Tuesday’s election to the Secretary of State’s Division of Elections office.

But the other 25 percent of delegates are allocated by Tuesday's statewide vote.

Florida Democratic National Committee Member Jon Ausman has broken down those 64 delegates, and says Clinton obviously has the lead, but if Obama had done just a little better with the popular vote, Ausman says he could have actually tied with Clinton in number of delegates.

Ausman says that 12 delegate discrepancy will only get worse for Obama after the Congressional Delegates are announced this weekend.

After the DNC imposed sanctions on Florida in late August, none of the candidates campaigned in Florida, though they could – and did – come to town for fundraisers.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech Tuesday night from Broward County thanking those that voted for her. Obama did not acknowledge the event.

The Florida Democratic Party will meet this weekend in Orlando to discuss the results of the election and adopt a budget.

Four weeks from Saturday, 121 will be selected to be delegates for the Denver Convention from every local Democratic County party. Democrats will select the 64 delegates in May.

Ausman says Democrats who want to be delegates for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama only can apply now. To apply, go the Florida Democratic Party website.

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