A tale of two pastors

04/03/08 Robert Lorei
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Coming up today is a tale of two pastors. Both Barack Obama and John McCain have connections to controversial religious figures. We’ll hear about both on the first part of today’s program and then we’ll open the phone lines to get your comments.

Thousands gathered at a Chicago church earlier this week to honor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor who's been at the center of a media storm since snippets of his sermons showed him denouncing America for allegedly racist and genocidal acts.

Wright was honored at Trinity United Church of Christ, where he still serves as senior pastor. Barack Obama is a member of that church. After soundbites from Wright's sermons were aired on television and talk radio, Obama sharply condemned some of the remarks but didn't leave the church or repudiate the minister himself.

At Monday night's ceremony, friends and colleagues called Wright a hero who has "fought the fight." He didn't speak during the two-hour service. He hasn't spoken publicly since the controversy started.

A planned three-day revival in Tampa featuring Rev. Wright was cancelled last week because of security concerns.

You can listen to more of Rev. Wright’s sermons by going to Eric Deggans blog on the St. Petersburg Times website, his blog is called the The Feed. You can also find more of the Rev. Wright’s speeches at Truthabouttrinity.blogspot.com.

Now here’s a segment from Bill Moyers Journal on PBS from early last month on a controversial minister who has become one of the leading evangelicals in the U.S. and who has endorsed John McCain for president.

You can watch Bill Moyers Journal every Friday night at 10 on WEDU- the PBS station in Tampa.

Let’s open it up for your comments.

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