USF proposes cuts in three departments

04/10/08 Robert Lorei
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A task force of USF faculty, students and staff released a report last month that calls for major cuts in Women’s tudies, Africana studies and Latin American studies.

The committee said that the undergraduate major could be cut in Africana studies and Women’s studies, and that the graduate degree could be eliminated in the Women's studies department. These changes would result in some faculty budget lines being removed.

Joining us now to talk about this issue are:

Kim Vaz, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Women's Studies at USF.

Jorge Nef, a professor and director of the Institute for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Deborah Plant, associate professor and chair of the Department of Africana Studies.

Harry Vanden, professor of Political Science and International Affairs and founding director of the Caribbean and Latin American Studies Center.

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