Interview with physicist Michio Kaku

04/24/08 Robert Lorei
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Dr. Michio Kaku hosts Explorations, WMNF's weekly science program. He is on a mission to popularize science. He is also a co-founder of "string theory."

In his latest book, Kaku takes on some of the "wildest" ideas of science fiction: teleportation, telepathy, force fields, psychokinesis, time travel, travel to other galaxies and more. He divides these ideas into Class One Impossibilities (possible given the current laws of physics and scope of technical ability); Class Two (possible but in the distant future, with a need for extraordinary amounts of energy); and Class Three Impossibilities: beyond the laws of physics.

Dr. Kaku joined Rob Lorei on the first part of today's Radioactivity program. He also discussed proposals to allow creationism and intelligent design to be taught in science classes in Florida's public schools.

For more information, visit his website.

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kaku interview

Fantastic interview. Very informative. Great questions.