Clinton not willing to compromise on Florida delegates

05/22/08 Mitch E. Perry
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A day after Hillary Clinton reiterated her call for having all of the delegates count in Florida, comparing it to the fight to free the slaves and the current situation in Zimbabwe, her campaign kept the pressure up on a conference call with political reporters.

The Clinton campaign today argued that their candidate would be better in a head to head match up against John McCain in the fall, using new polls released today by Quinnipiac University that show Clinton beating McCain in three critical battleground states next fall, while Barack Obama bests McCain only in Pennsylvania.

The Clinton camp eagerly anticipates a meeting next weekend in Washington where the question about what to do with Florida and Michigan’s delegates may be ultimately decided.

Clinton won both states, but those results were considered non-binding because of penalties imposed by the Democratic National Committee. Clinton abided by that penalty, but has been furiously arguing for months that those results should be counted.

But one of her chief strategists’s - Harold Ickes – was on the Rules and Bylaws Committee last year that voted to penalize Florida and Michigan. He was asked today how he could justify his vote in support of the penalty last year, and now turn around and say it shouldn’t count.

Barack Obama is indicating that he’s willing to compromise on the delegate situation. In an interview in today’s St. Petersburg Times, Obama said splitting Florida’s delegation in half based on the Jan. 29 result "would be a very reasonable solution.”

But would that work for the Clinton campaign? Strategists Harold Ickes says their plan is to argue forcefully at next week’s meeting on the issue for all of the delegates to be counted.

The Clinton camp refused to say what they would do if they do not get their way next week at the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee.

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If Clinton New Then What She Knows Now

I have been very disappointed at the tactics of Clinton throughout this campaign. I lost any respect I had for Hillary Clinton for not apologizing to the American people for helping the current administration go to war in Iraq. I expect honesty and some since of reality in a leader, and I find her reasoning for her vote and sticking to it inexcusable. As far as polls go, I don't believe they are as accurate as we would like to believe. How many people do we know that have ever participated in any of these polls? It comes down to who is asked, and if polls are conducted by land lines-well, that is a shrinking representation of the public view. ( I haven't had a land line in years- and many people I know have severed their land line ties.) It is my belief that many voters in Florida didn't bother to cast a vote, they were under the impression it would not be counted. If I am not mistaken, approximately 40% of the Michigan vote went to the "other" category. The fact is, both states broke "the rules". Changing the rules in the middle of the game isn't fair, and it is too late to correct the situation. Clinton's stand on the situation is disturbing to me. It makes me question her judgement and foresight as well as keeping her word when she has agreed to something. I can not put my trust in someone, that does what they want regardless, because I have seen too much of that in recent years. I fully expect we will see another temper tantrum by Hillary if things don't go her way. I hope that the DNC puts Hillary in the "time out chair", she needs to think about what she has done and learn to play fairly with others, before she destroys the party.

Clinton is being inconsistent

Mrs. Clinton abided by the DNC rules and ignored Florida prior to the primary, and didn't campaign here. Now, she wants the votes to count. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. Meanwhile, the vote that occurred here in January does not necessarily reflect the true desires of Democratic voters in the state, since many stayed away from the polls because they knew no delegates from Florida would be seated. HOWEVER, I have to say that the real "bad guys" in this scenario are the leaders of the DNC. In an election year when they had a PRIME opportunity to not only solidify their majority in Congress, but also take back the Presidency, they have shot themselves in the foot over stupid, procedural issues. They'll have no one but themselves to blame if McCain wins in November!