Neighbors Battle High Voltage Line

05/22/08 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Thursday) | Listen to this entire show:

Our guests during this segment, Susan Watson and Joy Ingram, live in the Seffner area of east Hillsborough County. They are battling plans by Tampa Electric to build a high voltage power line (the Willow Oak Wheeler davis line) through what they say is a pristine forest/wetland area.

The site is the home to at least one nesting pair of bald eagles. An administrative law judge has already ruled in favor of the utility company. The next step in the process is the Governor and cabinet must approve the route. Ingram and Watson say most neighbors oppose the project and there is an alternative route which generally goes along an industrial corridor on U.S. 301 and Broadway.

Watson is encouraging interested people to call her at 813 651-3345. You can see a video opposing the project on YouTube. TECO has posted its own pro-transmission line video

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