Buckhorn reviews DNC's decision

06/02/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Tampa Democrat Bob Buckhorn is a political analyst for Bay News 9 and has been a supporter of Hillary Clinton. His reaction to Saturday’s resolution of the delegate debacle is somewhat ambivalent.

On Sunday, Sen. Clinton won another decisive race against Sen. Barack Obama, this time in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where Clinton won 68 percent of the vote to Obama's 32 percent. That’s Clinton's third blowout over Obama in the past month, including West Virginia and Kentucky.

At any time, the superdelegates who will ultimately decide the nomination, could have flocked to Clinton, if they believed she would be the better candidate in the fall against John McCain.

Clinton and her supporters have argued forcefully for months now that Clinton has a better chance of winning the major battleground states – like Ohio, Pensylvania, and Florida – than Obama does. Now they are parroting the fact that she has won more of the popular vote in the contested primary season, saying the Democrats are in jeopardy of nominating the first candidate who didn’t win the most votes in the primaries since George McGovern in 1972, who was blown out in the November election that year against Richard Nixon.

Pennsylvania governor and Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell wonders why the superdelegates haven’t followed Clinton, saying in today’s New York Times that most Clinton supporters are” filled with bewilderment that the superdelegates haven’t come around.”

WMNF attempted to speak with Tampa State Senator Arthenia Joyner, who spoke at Saturday’s DNC meeting in support of Clinton. She did not return our phone call.

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