Microbrewery on tap for Redner

06/12/08 Mitch E. Perry
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The Tampa City Council today gave a first approval for a wet zoning that would allow for a microbrewery to be run in West Tampa by entrepreneur Joe Redner.

But as with all things having to do with the Mons Venus owner, it was not without controversy. Several members of the Lincoln Gardens area of West Tampa said the project was not compatible with the neighborhood. They also had traffic concerns and questioned the Council’s acceptance of Redner’s promise to fill in a nearby ditch. That promise did seem to persuade a majority of the Council.

Redner’s pub, to be called Cigar City Brewing, is slated to be built near his corporate offices on Spruce Street, just west of Dale Mabry. His first attempt to win approval last month won a majority vote, 3-2, but was not approved, since the full Council did not weigh in.

Gwen Miller said she was voting against the proposal because two neighborhoods had come out against the microbrewery, saying the pub would add too much traffic to the area, though it would be open only on Friday evenings.

Mary Mulhern said the burden was on the city staff allowing Redner to fill the ditch. The Council voted 5-2, with Miller and Tom Scott dissenting. The issue will come back before the Council in two weeks.

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Not a Pub

The location is for a brewery, NOT a pub. The wet zoning is simply to allow samples to be served on the premises and to allow for food and beer pairings 4 times a month. Cheers, Joey Redner Owner Cigar City Brewing