State Dems to pick Electoral College slate

08/11/08 Mitch E. Perry
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The Florida Democratic Party announced today a new meeting date to select a slate of 27 members for the Electoral College is set for Aug. 20 in Orlando.

A vote on those electors was scheduled to take place this past Saturday in Tampa, but was canceled after it was determined that a quorum was not present. With the Democratic Convention beginning in two weeks, and a state law requiring electors to be certified and sent to the governor’s office by Sept. 1, there was some pressure on nailing down a date.

Jon Ausman is one of the 192 state Democrats who are eligible to vote on the electors.

Upon hearing of Saturday’s misfire,state Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer said, “The continued inability of the Florida Democrats to get their act together simply amazes me.”

He was alluded to the division that the state and national party faced much of the year after the National Democratic party stripped the state of its delegates for moving up its primary date.

Since that time, the Democrats Rules Committee re-instated those delegates, giving them half a vote. Presumptive presidential nomimee Barack Obama has since suggested that the delegates have their votes completely restored.

DNC member Jon Ausman says the Aug. 20 meeting better happen. Ausman will go to the Democratic National Convention as an Obama delegate two weeks from tonight.

Last week a media flurry broke out about pressure being put on the Obama camp by Hillary Clinton advocates to have a full fledged roll call at the convention, which could be divisive. But Ausman says roll calls have been held throughout the past few decades and are not divisive.

Clinton is scheduled to speak on Aug. 26, the second night of the convention. The DNC announced its convention schedule today. Wednesday night will be devoted to national security, and will be highlighted by the yet unnamed vice presidential nominee’s speech.

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