MoveOn postpones clean energy rally

08/19/08 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Across the country today, the political activist group MoveOn held 150 rallies for clean energy. The planned rallies in the Tampa Bay area were cancelled because of Tropical Storm Fay, but WMNF spoke with Joe Illingworth, a Pinellas coordinator for MoveOn. Illingworth said the country wants clean energy rather than Sen. John McCain’s energy policy of continued oil dependence.

“…We think the problem we’re in now is because we’ve been relying on fossil fuels and fossil thinking instead of becoming a world leader in the energy of the future.”


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get with it

most alert Americans want energy and know that efficient gas and oil are within their grasp. Drilling offshore has proven to be safe and can withstand the pressure from huricanes. The Alaskan "experiment" also proves that not only is it safe, but is also beneficial to wildlife. The reindeers have grown and multiplied as a result of the pipeline. The Alaskan govenrment is all for proceeding fast with additional drilling even in Anwarr(sp). Offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico has proven to be a boon to the fisheries of the area and are safe even during huricane Katrina. Why have the liberals gone on vacation and prevented a vote on energy. Guess they realize that what the people want and what the liberals will accept are two different things. I do not care what political party you are, I am independent, but I am not swayed by claims that are unfounded by do gooders who do not have the scientific community to back up their claims. Yes there have been accidents, but there have been overwhelming success and efforts to keep the environment safe and protected keep improving. We need energy and we need it now. Go back to work congress and lets have a vote.