Emily's List Poll: Obama doing well with women

08/20/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

The women’s Political Action Group Emily’s List has conducted a poll of female voters, and they say it indicates that Barack Obama has more support from women right now than the last two Democrats running for president.

Pollster Geoffrey Garin said he surveyed women from different generations, including those under 28 years of age.

Throughout the summer, the commonly expressed line has been that the public knows who John McCain is but not Barack Obama, and therefore he needs to reassure voters about himself and his values.

But Garin says for many women voters, McCain is as big a question mark as Obama.

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McCain stated that human rights attach @ conception. That's very different than life begins @ conception. It means that ending a tubal pregnancy or performing a D&C to save a woman from bleeding out is a homicide. Any thinking person, man or woman needs to be concerned about that idea.