Democrats pan Palin's convention speech

09/04/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Last night, Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin introduced herself to the American public with a 40-minute speech at the Republican National Convention. It was received ecstatically by the delegates inside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul and by most members of the mainstream media.

Palin’s opponent, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, was rolled out to all of the morning television talk shows to respond. He was magnanimous in praising her, but Biden said he didn’t think much of the content. And like his running mate, Biden said Palin’s family should not be part of the political discourse.

Biden didn’t reflect on the dig that Palin gave to him in her speech, in which she said she got more votes running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, than he got running for president – which is simply not accurate. Palin got 616 votes in her 1996 mayor’s election, and 909 in her re-election in 1999. Although he dropped out after the Iowa caucuses, Biden still got more than 76,000 votes where he was on the ballot this year.

This morning, Obama supporting Democrats were critical of the speech. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius said Palin did a good job mastering the words written by the Bush speech writers.

South Florida Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz slammed Palin’s speech, saying she was struck by the lack of substance and vision in it.

Wasserman Schultz said McCain capitulated to the right wing of his party in selecting the socially conservative Alaska governor whose views on abortion, gay rights and her own religious beliefs have gotten plenty of attention in the past week. Wasserman Schultz said there were far better Republican women he could have chosen. And she blasted Palin for not being truthful in her speech.

Asked if she thought that the Palin candidacy will attract wayward Hillary Clinton supporters, Sebelius said she didn’t believe so.

Throughout the convention, Republicans have fought back strongly on charges that Palin is unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. They say that her executive experience as mayor and now governor supercedes Barack Obama’s 12 years of elected office. But Wasserman Shultz says that’s absurd.

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Rhnda Storms in the White House?

Good Christ almighty!!!!! I turned on my TV set to see the new vice presidential nominee's speech and there she was...that damn Rhonda Storms! Big is life: kind of cute, but possessed of the heart of a tyrant. She's calling herself different now--Sara rather than Rhonda, but its the same fervent holier-than-thou shtick. She wants to grab hold of the coercive powers of the state and make us all live by her rules: She congratulated her daughter on the choice to take take the baby to term, but she wants to take that choice away from every other woman. For women impregnated by rape, she'll nationalize their wombs and force them to birth the rapist's child. Now that's a limited government notion. For every school kid in America, she want to be sure that no mention of birth control complicates the simple picture that abstinence is the only godly way. You might think that she'd allow other contraceptive technique to mentioned along with abstinence--and rely on good parenting to give abstinence the edge, but her family experience manifestly demonstrates that the schools better exclusively back-up her personal parenting choices. We all most comply! ....and the talkin' heads on TV! Morons! Off with all of their heads...Maximilien Robespierre style. Sara can drag the poor gormless high school sire of her daughter's impregnation onto fame on the national screen, but nobody can mention that if the goose-gander rule applied the boy would be in prison for not consulting with his love object's parents 24 hours before he performed the "life affecting" act. That's exactly what Sara wants to impose on doctors when they counsel a "life affecting" termination of a pregnancy. If the Doctors don't comply....well then Sara would criminalize the bastards, take away their medical licenses, throw them in the dankest clink and throw away the key on the lawless apostates! What's fair for the doctors should be fair for the cute new family member. What's he doing sitting up there on national TV acting like a role model for every teenage boy in America. What kind of family values do their behaviors and political choices to exhibit and exploit those behaviors teach? I do have to say that Rhonda-Sara has improved her make-up skills. I used to be afraid that the layers of make-up on Rhonda's face would spontaneously ignite and burn up the whole county commission. I've felt better since she's been in the state senate: those guys don't do anything and they are seldom in the senate chamber anyhow. They are writing letters to judges telling them what should be done in specific cases. Bubba out!