Haitian relief and cultural relativism

09/11/08 Robert Lorei
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Welcome to WMNF's Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. First up today, Hurricane Ike swept through Haiti and Cuba this week- killing dozens of people.

In Haiti, the situation is particularly bleak because four tropical storms have hit the country in the last month, killing more than 300 people. In some places roads and bridges remain impassible. Two local people have launched a grassroots effort to help the people of Haiti. They are Paul and Betty Nelson. I spoke with them earlier about the situation in Haiti.

Tonight at Eckerd College's Fox Hall there will be a lecture by a Princeton University professor who some are comparing to the classic Greek philosophers. He is Kwame Anthony Appiah and he was named one of the top 100 public intellectuals by Prospect/Foreign Policy in 2008.

In his book Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a Global World of Strangers, Ghanian born Appiah tackles the debate between global values, with its tendency to impose outside norms on others, and cultural relativism, with its implicit conviction that gulfs in understanding cannot be bridged. That's what he'll talk about tonight at Eckerd at 7:30. I spoke with him earlier this week.

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Socialist Complaints

At the end of the show, Rob suggested that no one complains about socialist education (public shcools), socialist roads, socialist retirement program (Social Security), or any of the other socialist programs run by our fascist government to lend support for socialist medicine. I don't know in which country he lives, but most people I know have only complaints about public schools, government roads, Social Security, and government in general.

Health Care Comment on the 9/11 call in show

In regard to the last caller's bewilderment as to why health care is not treated the same as Public Schools, the military, public roads, etc ... it's simple - Follow the money. As my brother, who works in the health care industry is fond of reminding me - Health care companies are in the top 1% of all companies in the US. They aren't just going to give all that money up for the common good - as amply demonstrated in considering how many people have they already killed indirectly simply by denying claims, waiving certain conditions and procedures? Brent Reynolds Tampa P.S. - I am not letting doctors off the hook - They could drive Hondas.