Citizens in Clearwater County gathered outside the public utilities building to protest a Pinellas county commission decision to put fluoride in the county’s water supply. WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer was there and filed this report.


About 40 people gathered in down downtown Clearwater, holding signs and handing out flyers, trying to let the public know that Fluoride is a dangerous toxin, and it has no place in the publics water supply. It’s a commonly held belief that Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and cavities, but

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Fluoride was first put in water in the 1940’s, after the Alcoa aluminum plant had nothing to do with their left over fluoride, and there were several studies suggesting that Fluoride may benefit peoples dental health. But the scientific community is split on the issue; about one third of cities and counties is the United States do not put fluoride in their water…including Pinellas County. But that is scheduled to change on June 1st, after a vote by the county commission last month.

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Peter Glickman is the president of citizens for safe water. He says the brochure sent out to the public by Pinellas county utilities leaves out a lot of important information

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There is some natural fluoride in water, but the protestors had n issue with this. Instead, they point to over 100 years of studies that have shown fluoride to result in birth defects, poor learning, lead poisoning, tooth decay, it was also used as a poison in Nazi Germany at high amounts. These facts especially worry parents like Kitty Magnus

ACT “I just don’t think people should put things in the water. It should net be forced on us

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Some of those at the rally, like Lisa Cummins, said it should be up to each individual to put chemical in their water.

ACT “I think the water companies job is to provide water, not pit other stuff in…fluoride is considered a drug, but it is, its unnecessary but its politics.�

And others, like Melinda, see the fact that fluoride is waste scraped out of smokestacks, as evidence that pushing it on the public is just a way for companies to make money off their garbage.

ACT “ I think it’s a chemical waster by product, looking to save money, and they have not researched it.’

People came in off the street two by two and went into the utility building to register formal complaints.


Todd Tanberg works with Pinellas county utilities. He says the utility cant change the decision, because they follow the county’s orders. But he also said that the county based its decision on information given to it by the utility.

ACT “I don’t really want to get into a debate…..our board of county commissioners has done research…we provided information to the board…they take input from the public…we’ve seen documentation on both sides of the issue…�

6 out of 7 county commissioners voted to put fluoride in the water supply, and while the protestors are still hoping to convince them to change their minds, they are pursuing other options. Citizens for Safe water is trying to get an initiative on the ballot to force Pinellas county to keep fluoride out of the water. They’ll need 70,000 signatures to do so. Along with circulating a petition, they are encouraging citizens to write letter to the county commission. 7-year-old Tiana Marshall put her thoughts into writing.

ACT “hi my name is Tiana Marshall. I don’t want my sister to take a bath..we can go to the dentist and get it, my sister.�

Peter Glickman from Citizens for safe water, says that if people do the research, they will discover the truth about Fluoride

ACT “Were hoping to get the message out, so that the commissioners will take another look ACT

For WMNF news, I'm Andrew Stelzer

Citizens for safe water meets every 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month and the Clearwater East library. For more information, call 727-443-4737 or go to

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