Ralph Nader lays out his platform

10/29/08 Mark Anderson
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

Ralph Nader, attorney, author and political activist for decades, has run for president in every election since 1996. Some of his most noted battles as a consumer advocate were with General Motors over the safety of the Chevrolet Corvair in the early 60s, and with the entire U.S. auto industry over making seat belts standard equipment in all U.S. cars.

In his speech, Nader listed 12 critical problem areas that he says need to be addressed, including:

Implementation of Universal Health Insurance
Improvement in wages and pensions
Improvement in mass transit and the environment
Immediate withdrawal from the Iraq war

Nader also reviewed his overall campaign goals going into next week’s election.

Nader has 1 to 2 percent support in the latest presidential polls, and didn’t include winning the election in describing his campaign goals.

Nader’s view seemed to be that the presidential race is no longer competitive, so a vote for Obama is wasted, and should be cast for Nader’s ticket not to win, but to help empower him to address his list of critical problems outside of elected office.

One of his fiercest criticisms of American politics is that corporate donations have completely corrupted both the Democratic and Republican parties to the point that neither party is able to create traction in solving the Nations’s most critical problems.

At the conclusion of the session, campaign fund contributions were solicited.

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Is anyone else left with the impression that voices of dissent are being sacrificed ? I'm supporting Ralph Nader to keep the constitutional liberties granted by that document, and not submit to the corpocracy that is trying to control the destiny of this country. I can only hope that our divided, distracted, diverted populace does something other than electing one of the corporate shills running, we’ve had 200 years to have a representative government, and still have a corporate power structure that has run us into the ditch YET AGAIN! Lets do something different this time, Vote Sanity, Vote Nader.