Hydrogen Assisted Vehicles; more on the election

11/06/08 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to WMNF's Radioactivity program. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up later, we'll open the phone lines to again talk about the outcome of Tuesday's elections. But first: Joe Shea is an organizer of the non-profit HHO Games & Exposition, "Celebrating America's Energy Future," a Veteran's Day car show that will introduce the inventors of many different low-cost hydrogen-on-demand (HHO) kits designed to achieve huge savings as a gasoline additive in every kind of truck and automobile engine.

The HHO Games will take place at the Manatee County Fairgrounds' Mosaic Arena on Nov. 11 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Fairgrounds are located at 1402 14th Ave. W. in Palmetto. For more information, call (941) 753-1136, or email joe@hhogames.com.The event website is HHOGames.

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Imagine that if the gov't didn't just send a $600 stimulus check, but instead, a voucher for having the kit installed, to every eligible taxpayer!! What a savings we'd have and reduce the need for new oil............... Then, maybe we could get this ball rolling and the general population would see just how they each could benefit and also contribute to the national effort. (Not to mention the opp for new installation businesses) Meanwhile, also giving the auto industry a big incentive to retool (and maybe retrofit existing backlog of inventory before selling it. This could also help them to avoid layoffs.) and get with the program !!!!

hydrogen boosting is a scam

Hydrogen boosting is a scam. Your listeners deserve better. This is an excellent web site on hydrogen boosting fraud from New Zealand: http://www.aardvark.co.nz/hho.shtml Water for gas is a particularly good example of this con. Consumer affairs has an article: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2008/07/water4gas.html These devices violate the laws of thermodynamics and the simple test of common sense. If they worked, then some major automobile company, Ford, GM, BMW, Volvo would be putting them on next year’s model. Imagine what this would do for Fedex, Cessna or Boeing. Heck some military somewhere would be using them in their tanks and trucks. And why aren’t the car companies using this “technology”? Either they’re stupid or it just doesn’t work. They’re certainly not stupid, in fact they are desperate; a 20% increase in mileage could rescue Ford from it’s creditors. Hydrogen Boosting is in the same league with “miracle” herbal cancer cures or the “lose 20 pounds in a week” weight loss medications that are on late night television. They make absurd claims, have no scientific backing and claim that everyone who is against them is part of some “vast conspiracy”. Yourlisteners deserve better. Wanna save gas? Slow down.

HHO Scam

A number of respected news organizations, such as the New York Times, Popular Mechanics and Mythbusters have researched this topic and exposed it as a scam. It doesn't save gas, and it can damage your engine and cause safety problems. One scammer website recently posted the following: "We did a great interview with NPR station WMNF in Tampa today hosted by Rob Lorei, WMNF's News Director. He gave us 35 minutes, and we had about eight callers and email questions. We no sooner hung up than the phone began ringing off the hook!". It's a shame that WMNF raises hard-earned money from the community, and inadvertently uses it to promote people who rip off the very same community.

Hydrogen Assist Works

Hydrogen assist (a.k.a. HHO) does work to boost gas mileage. Our first attempt brought a Dodge truck from 12 MPG to 16 MPG and we think we can do better. Search www.youtube.com for "HHO" and you will find close to 1,000 videos. It's a simple technology that lends itself to home experimentation. Look at www.ronnmotors.com and you will see a $150,000 sports car using the same onboard generation of hydrogen from water. Better mileage, more power, cleaner emissions. I wish I could attend the HHO games (www.hhogames.com). Hopefully, after it's all over, videos and commentary will appear on the site. I've seen the same aarvark comments posted in a few places. Naysayers repeatedly mention the laws of thermodynamics as to why hydrogen assist can't work. They don't factor in the effect hydrogen has on allowing gasoline to burn more efficiently. Do your own research. 20%+ improvement in gas mileage is easy to achieve. The people who say that it can't be done haven't built a HHO system. Would HHO Games exist with thousands of attendees anticipated if this was a "scam"? Art Derfall www.hho-cars-trucks.com