Do non-believers need a lobbyist in D.C.?

11/25/08 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. On the first part of today’s program, we’ll hear from Lori Lipman Brown, the director and first Congressional lobbyist with a new group called the Secular Coalition For America. It’s a group that advocates on behalf of America’s atheists, humanists, agnostics and others who want to see a separation between religious doctrine and civil law.

Brown is a former Nevada legislator, she’s an attorney and has taught Constitutional law, American history and education law at the college level.

I began by asking her why people who are not religious need a lobbyist in Washington.

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Thank you for airing this story. Public conversation about non-theistic worldviews is extremely important to a very large but silent segment of our local and national community. Unfortunately it is also long overdue and far too rare. The topic of discrimination against atheists is completely ignored by the mainstream media, while the airwaves are totally dominated by religious and often anti-secular viewpoints. Bigotry, fear, and hatred has turned non-theists into a class of outcasts whose deeply held convictions are dismissed as illegitimate or insane, or they are viewed as dangerous or even evil. The news organization at WMNF is clearly committed to educating the community about social justice for disenfranchised groups. If ever there was such a group, it is atheists. Atheists are the most reviled and distrusted minority in America. Their voice is severely underrepresented. The starting point for redressing this widespread misunderstanding of non-theists is dialogue. We need much more of it. There is a vast field of topics that can help humanize non-theists by simply making people aware that they are ordinary rational people. Every conversation helps to further the cause of ending discrimination. Please give us more programming like this. It is in the best interest of the community as a whole. Thank you.