How big should Obama's stimulus plan be?

12/09/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Over the weekend, President-elect Barack Obama discussed a major economic stimulus proposal he plans to unveil once he takes office.

Today members of the progressive left announced their own stimulus plan, which they say closely tracks what Obama says he’s planning.

Called “The Main Street Recovery Plan,” it has been endorsed by dozens of liberal economists and union officials. It was produced by the progressive group, the Campaign For America’s Future.

Dr. Jamie Galbreath is an economist with the University of Texas. He calls the current recession more radical than anything he’s ever seen. And Galbreath, who met with House Democrats on Capitol Hill today, said he advised them to make the economic stimulus package as big as possible.

An Obama adviser told the New York Times that part of the stimulus package being conceived by the President-Elect will include $15 billion for money to weatherize homes and grants for mass transit.

To view the report from the Campaign For America’s Future, go to

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