Gulfport gallery offers green art

12/19/08 By Andrea Lypka
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The Outpost is not just a run of the mill art gallery in Gulfport but a gallery where art is made from recyclables.

Carol Zuelsdorf is an environmentally inspired artist who incorporates trash into a functional art. “Green art is using things over and over again to help our environment,” she said.

During the eco-cleanups organized by her husband Kurt Zuelsdorf, she picks up debris from Clam Bayou and incorporates it into her art. She turns palm fronds into colorful fish or masks, coconuts into doorstops, waste barrels into rain barrels and beer bottle caps into belts. Her last green idea is to transform liqueur bottles into Christmas lights and nightlights.

She wants to have a positive impact on the environment through her art and kayak program. “Instead of buying and using up more stuff why not use what we have and try to get people involved in recycling,” she said.

If you want to meet other local artists and experience the little fishing village the Gulfport ArtWalk is happening this Saturday evening from 5 to 10 on 55th Street South and Beach Blvd.

The Zuelsdorfs created a kayaking program that is free for those who want to clean the waterways. To find out more about this program go to Kayak Nature.

To find out more about the Gulfport Artwalk, visit this website.

To find more green art, visit Gulfport Outpost.

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