INTRO: In Pasco County today, Richard Paey was sentenced to twenty five years in prison for fifteen counts of drug trafficking, obtaining a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance. Paey has maintained all along that he was innocent and that medicating himself was not a crime. WMNF’s Mark Antokas has the story.

Script: Richard Paey sat in his wheelchair waiting sentencing this morning in the Pasco County Criminal courthouse. Paey, a father of three, debilitated by multiple sclerosis and a botched back surgery after a 1987 auto accident, is a victim of this nations drug laws. Paey was accused of photo copying his New Jersey doctors oxycontin prescriptions. Circuit court judge Daniel D. Diskey sentenced Paey to twenty five years in prison, a five hundred thousand dollar fine, and four hundred eleven dollars court costs. Diskey said that his hands were tied and that mandatory sentencing guidelines dictated his sentence. After the ruling today, WMNF spoke to Chevron Reynolds of the pain network, a NYC based national organization who stand up for patients in pain and the doctors who treat them. Roll Tape;

New Port Richey State Senator Mike Fasano , has introduced legislation which would allow the public to see the names of the nurse or prescriber and their licence number on labels of all prescriptions. Reynolds commented on that legislation :

Outside the court room, Robert Scott Andringa, a prosecuter with the states attorney’s office seemed almost apologetic after insisting the judge refuse Paey’s request for a new trial. Roll Tape:

Bob Attridge is Richard Paey’s defense counsel. Roll Tape;

Attridge explained the inequities in the law. Roll Tape:

Linda Paey, Richards wife was visibly shaken after the sentencing. Richard Paey was initially offered probation and house arrest in a plea deal but he refused, insisting that he had done nothing wrong. Linda Paey. Roll Tape:

In Pasco County, this is Mark Antokas for WMNF radio news.

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