FL Senate bill eases homes for developmentally-disabled

04/23/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

Today the Florida Senate passed legislation that would ease the deveopment of community residential homes.

The legislation would allow homes with six or fewer residents located within a planned community to be build without local government approval, regardless of their proximity to each other.

Melbourne Republican Thad Allman said the bill was designed for those are developmentally disabled.

Some activists have criticized the bill, and South Florida Democrat Ted Deutch asked that Allman respond.

Allman responded that the law is designed to undo current discriminatory practices against developmentally-disabled people.

Allman said that such homes would only happen with new construction that would go through the review process with local government, and must receive a zoning approval.

But Daytona Beach Republican Evelyn Lynn questioned if the proposed law meant there would be no restrictions on the number of residential homes located in a planned community.

Allman said that was possible, but not likely.

Eastern Hillsborough County State Senator Rhonda Storms praised Allman’s bill, and said its critics weren’t thinking of the children in question.

The bill then passed in the Senate.

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