Sink announces consolidation of call centers will save $2.2 million per year

05/04/09 Seán Kinane
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The Florida Department of Financial Services’ consolidated call center in Largo is one of only two such call centers remaining in the state. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink says the consolidation will save taxpayers 2.2 million dollars every year.

Sink was at the Largo call center Monday afternoon for a ceremonial ribbon cutting and a press conference. She says the savings from consolidating to only two call centers -- in Tallahassee and Largo -- will come in part from reduced real estate expenses.

The center used to employ 7 people, but now has 20 --many of whom had been working in other centers around the state. Sink says that as the economy improves, they may add fifteen to 20 more employees to handle 3000 calls per month.

“It was really a win-win-win. It’s a win for the citizens because they’re getting their calls answered more quickly. … And it was certainly a win for the taxpayers because we’re saving two-and-a-quarter million dollars a year alone just from doing this consolidation in Largo and in Tallahassee.”

Sink says there are two consolidated call centers because in the event that one is closed due to a hurricane, there will still be one open to field calls from Floridians.

Another type of call that is fielded by call center employees is when a citizen can’t get their claims paid by an insurance company.

When the consolidation was announced, Sink says there was “a very well-planned transition period,” with 6 months notice given to employees of the 9 call centers that were closed. But she acknowledges that not everyone was able to relocate.

Florida Department of Financial Services

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