McKalip resigns over email depicting Obama as Witch Doctor

07/24/09 Seán Kinane
True Talk | Listen to this entire show:


This morning on the WMNF 88.5FM program True Talk, incoming Pinellas County Medical Association president Dr. David McKalip apologized for an email and resigned as president elect.

McKalip had emailed an image of President Barack Obama that depicted him as a witch doctor.

Host Ahmed Bedier spoke with McKalip and state Rep. Darryl Rouson on the program True Talk, an Arab & Muslim public affairs program that airs every Friday from 11am - noon on 88.5 FM in Tampa -

You can hear an audio clip of McKalip resigning here.

WMNF's Mitch Perry will bring you much more on this story on the WMNF Evening News at 6pm ET. His report will be archived here.

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Dr. David McKalip is guilty of a disgraceful act of racism. Picturing our president as a witch doctor with a bone thru his nose is truly sickening. He as correct to resign as the incoming president of the Pinellas County Medical Association.


I would not want Dr.McKalip treating me. He obviously lacks empathy and probably went into medicine to get rich.What are the odds he's a Republican?

Seriously... come on now...

Could it be that just you are focused on the African Tribesman when really the point was the Witchdoctor part? Kind of shows how you think about race more than the artist. This is in regards to a healthcare debate. WitchDOCTOR, get it? Are there even white witchdoctors? I guess they could have photoshopped him on something like a canadian doctor but it probably would've required a lot more words, which kind of defeats the whole point.

It's sickening that Dr. McKalip is constantly being portrayed as an "anti healthcare reform activist" by the left, when he has been working tirelessly for reform for years. Just not the kind of Statist reform they want.

This station is so far to the left that when I typed the word "Statist" above, it underlined it as if it were a spelling error.


good work guys exposing this story..I just found out about this station but I will be listening from now on...I am very proud we libs stick together!

Seriously - it was racist

...not to mention disturbing. I am thankful to know there were immediate consequences for Dr McKalip. I hope he is able to get some help - racism is a sickness of the mind that requires significant effort to overcome.

A non-apology apology

His remarks really were about "the bad feelings my actions caused" and the rest was a continuation of his campaign. He seems bewildered that his photo "somehow took off" - no wonder he's so perplexed.

bad taste and bad humor

Unfortunately… bad taste and bad humor walk hand-in-hand. Who thought the depiction of former President G. W. wearing white robes and hood would be funny??? How about all of the “funny” religious cartoons??? Who hasn’t sent or received tasteless & tacky humor to or from friends and family via email??? If you haven’t… then by all means… pick up your rock and gather around the stoning pit… better yet… add it to your resume and apply for McKalip’s job. However… if you have sent something “humorous” around… then you should consider sending in your resignation also… or does bad taste and bad humor only matter if you have a “position”??? By the way… have any Communists commented on the picture yet???