About 200 people, many of them veterans of war, gathered for a rally to support the campaign of President Bush. Only days ago, the closure of several Veterans administration medical facilities was announced, and the past few months has seen massive criticism of the Bay Pines facility, where an inefficient computer system has led to long waits for care for sick veterans. Literature defended Bush against allegation of defunding veteran’s medical care, and several speakers, including Bob Dole, talked not only about the presidents refusal to waffle in the continuing wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. The rally began with a local musician, who sang a song called “hey Hollywood�

ACT “This song goes out to Charlie sheen and Barbara Streisand….�

Much of the rally centered around the criticism of Senator John Kerry, his participation in the anti-war movement after he returned from fighting in Vietnam. Admiral Jeremiah Denton says that so called ‘turncoats� like Kerry lost the war for the United States

ACT— You know what happened it Vietnam, we won it, congress gave it back to them…�

Sam Johnson was a prisoner of war for 3 years in Vietnam. Johnson says that as a soldier, he was personally hurt by Kerry’s attacks on the Vietnam War.

ACT-Johnson “In 1971, after I was in solitary confinement Kerry ruined our morale..making up lies. We were not the worst violators of the Geneva conventions…let me tell you something, the senate needs to leave this episode to the army.�

General Patrick H Brady also denied allegation made by Kerry that the US army participated in abuse of the Vietnamese people and enemy soldiers.

ACT “After returning from Vietnam, Kerry spoke of atrocities, I never saw or heard of them..�

Brady also said Kerry is out of step wit h the values of the American people.

ACT- “Kerry believes that burning the flag is speech…prayer, marriage, pledge, Ten Commandments, pornography..�

Kansas Senator and e-presidential candidate was the featured speaker at the rally, despite the fact that Dole ran against George Bush senior in 2006, he said that he respects both of the Bush Presidents. Dole believes that the American people should just leave the president alone and let continue the war..


Today’s event also served as the official announcement of a veterans leadership group. Bob Dole, who is a World War II veteran, has created a group within that group consists of 49 individual Congressional Medal of Honor recipients who are backing the president.

After the rally, WMNF asked some veterans and Bush supporters what they thought of the roughly half of American who do not support President Bush. ACTS

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