Civil rights group protests Bradenton Taser death

12/14/09 Lisa Marzilli
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The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) held a protest in Bradenton on Saturday in response to the latest Taser death.

According to the Bradenton Herald about 50 people marched from the Manatee Judicial Center to the Bradenton Police Department to protest the death of 38 yr. old Derrick Humbert, who died after being tased in the back by police in September.

Police say Humbert fled from officers after they tried to stop him for not having a light on his bicycle. He later died at the hospital. Medical Examiner Russell Vega said Humbert, who had cocaine in his system, died from a heart attack stemming from the exertion of the chase. Art Rocker is Chairman of the Florida SCLC:

Rocker added that the police department policy of stopping minority citizens for minor infractions such as not having a light on a bicycle or walking on the wrong side of the road has to stop. The Bradenton Police Department’s full report on Humbert’s death is due out next week.

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I applaud the SCLC

I applaud the SCLC and the people who came out to march. This was an unfortunate and pointless death at the hands of a police officer whom the citizen posed absolutely no imminent threat to. Prosecution by electrocution must end and the sooner that Tasers are recognized as the dangerous weapons they indeed are, the safer we all will be.