Sinkholes cost the state over half a million dollars.

02/01/10 Joshua Lee Holton
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:

Sinkholes and depressions along the I-4 corridor have cost Florida taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs. WMNF spoke with Marian Scorza from the Department of transportation.

Marian Scorza: "The preliminary costs are approximately $675,000. That's doing the grouting, that's checking with the ground penetrating radar,and in some cases milling and resurfacing the area, so it's a variety of different things. There was an actual sinkhole on the Branch Forbes entrance ramps, there are depressions on I-4, and there are depression on MLK and a sinkhole on US 92. I believe the $300,000 estimate was for Interstate 4 for depression in the roadway, and that was the area where we had three lanes of the interstate closed for days."

The ground has collapsed across sections of Hillsborough County after farmers pumped billions of gallons of water from the Florida aquifer for eleven days to protect their crops.

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