Florida CFO Alex Sink on GOP credit card scandal

04/26/10 Seán Kinane
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Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink, is running for governor. Today, we asked the Democrat about how her race might be affected by the credit card scandal rocking the Republican Party of Florida.

Well, it’s pretty outrageous. And the idea that donors were contributing to the Republican Party of Florida, and basically, much of the money was spent to finance trips and other personal perks for those office-holders as well as the chairman of the Republican Party and others is outrageous. And Bill McCollum is certainly caught up in it. He’s good friends with Jim Greer, who cleared the race for him so he could, he thought he was going to be running for governor unopposed, and then when the news started breaking about possible criminal wrongdoing on the part of Jim Greer, our attorney general, Bill McCollum, said, “Oh, well, let’s wait and see.” And the fact that he didn’t have the instinct to know that as the attorney general of the state of Florida, in a situation in which he had been personally involved, that he ought to remove himself and immediately call for an investigation by an independent body, is disappointing, and really calls into question his judgment in his role as the attorney general.

Q. And of course both you and Attorney General Bill McCollum are running for governor. I want to turn to another race, the U.S. Senate race, where there are candidates who are kind of caught up in this GOP scandal. Of course Marco Rubio’s spending is under investigation, and Jim Greer, who was very close to Charlie Crist, is the main character. How do you think this will play out in the U.S. Senate race?

Well, we’ve never quite see anything like this in Florida. And of course everybody’s interested to see what the governor will decide this week, but it just indicates that certainly people in the Republican Party are divided, and have lost their focus and their direction. We have to look at the fact that they have been in total control in Tallahassee for the last twelve years, and look at the horrible economic situation our state continues in, when the rest of the country is beginning to recover. And it just reinforces my desire to be the governor and show Florida a new and different kind of leadership.

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