Local Permaculture

05/03/10 Jon Butts
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Our guests on today’s Sustainable Living program were four local permaculture experts: Andrew Wolfe, a permaculture designer and bee-keeper, was from Pinellas County; Matt Fahy, a former mental health professional and anthropologist, and his partner Robert Segundo, with the permaculture group Hope of Fire located in Pinellas county; also, returning guest to the program, Jim Kolvaleski, a permaculturist in New Port Richey.

Jim has started an open house on Saturdays at his permaculture gardens and home, where he shows others how much food you can produce on 1/10 acre with little to no inputs. We did talk a lot about bees with Andrew, and the Tampa Bay Bee-Keepers are doing their yearly Bee-keepers Seminar on Saturday May 15 at Upper Tampa Bay Park. We also had a student from Plant City High School talk about the upcoming Electrathon Race and Green Fair on May 15 in Downtown Plant City.

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