Bill Nelson criticizes BP disaster response, research funding

06/11/10 Kate Bradshaw
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In St. Petersburg today Senator Bill Nelson criticized BP for the way it’s been handling the oil disaster response.

Weeks ago, the oil giant had pledged $500 million to fund research on the impacts of the Gulf oil disaster. Nelson says what they’re now promising is a little different than half a billion.

William Hogarth, Dean of University of South Florida’s College of Marine Sciences, said the ten million will help, but that having institutions from across the globe compete to research what’s in USF’s back yard seeks to defy logic.

Senator Nelson also criticized BP for everything that has gone wrong with the disaster response.

Nelson said the problem lies in the effort’s command structure.

Nelson said that he and other senators have also written to BP asking the company to create a $20 billion trust fund to help those impacted by the disaster, including the seafood industry, small businesses, and municipalities.

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