Controversial FOX News Talk Show Host Holds Rally In DC on Anniversary Of I Have A Dream Speech

08/26/10 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Robert Lorei. The Associated Press is reporting today that:

"Glenn Beck's rally on the anniversary and at the site of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech is drawing criticism, protests and questions about his intentions.

Beck insists the event Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial is not about politics, even though Beck and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a potential 2012 presidential candidate, will attend. But the rally is drawing a strong reaction — and several counter-rallies — as the nation looks toward November's elections.

Beck, a popular figure among tea party activists and a polarizing Fox News Channel personality, has said it is merely a coincidence that the event is taking place on the 47th anniversary of King's plea for racial equality. Beck has called President Barack Obama a racist.

The event's website says the "Restoring Honor" rally is to pay tribute to America's military personnel and others "who embody our nation's founding principles of integrity, truth and honor." It urges citizens to attend and "help us restore the values that founded this great nation."

One of the groups sponsoring a counter-event in DC this Saturday is Celebrate the Dream, sponsored by ONE DC, EmpowerDC, Campaign for America’s Future, New Organizing Institute, National Organizer’s Alliance, Media Matters, Americans for American Values, and Jewish Funds for Justice.

A spokesperson from the group, Ari Ravin-Havt joins us now.

Film maker Robert Greenwald has put together a film juxtaposing soundbites from the I Have A Dream speech with recent statements by Glenn Beck.

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Rob, I want to thank the person who brought up Germany in the 1920's during yesterday's program about Glenn Beck and FOXNEWS. During the time I listened, he was the only one to do so. If you compare what happened there to what's happening now in this country the resemblances are unmistakable. The vilification of a minority religious group as the source of what's wrong and the vilification of intellectuals, leftists and non-white people are identical. The Nazis also rallied people with little education and worked hard to indoctrinate people into a culture of hate by playing to their prejudices. They scapegoated people with little voice in their society until acts of violence against them became justified in their minds. And it all happened during a time of economic crisis, ignoring the fact that rampant financial irresponsibility by the wealthy few lay at the heart of the global financial problem. When Americans think nothing similar can happen here, they forget what happened when civility was discarded in favor of hate slogans and outright lies. What they also forget is that most Germans weren't members of the Nazi party--they weren't allowed to join. But there is a term for what the people who supported the Nazi movement became: "Good Germans". Who among the Tea Party faithful doesn't think of themselves as "Good Americans" and anyone who disagrees as the enemy who must be marginalized and silenced? Do they want to incite the murder of Barack Obama? Definitely. When people say we should all stop calling each other Nazis it's a gift to the FOXNEWS crowd, because they are exactly that. And just like the Germans of the 1920s, they are proud to wave flags and assert their "moral" superiority. They've just added a new wrinkle: if you're a racist, you brand the objects of your hatred as racist and call people who stand against fascism Nazis, Communists, criminals, etc. As if to say you can't call me that, I've already labeled you as that very thing. Ignorant? Yes, but it only takes a critical number of ignorant people to follow them in order to gain totalitarian power. It's nothing more than Social Darwinism and it's death to society. Thank you, David in St. Pete

Becks Beerhall Putsch

I do not like using the term "Nazi" in a loose way, especially as it is used somewhat flippantly. At this point, there is no other thing to compare Beck to. He is a tool of foreign owned billionaires like Rupert Murdoch and the Saudis (the two parties that own Fox News), who want to keep Americans confused an stupid, just as German plutocrats used Hitler to get what they wanted. Granted Obama has not helped by thinking me can kill these folk with bi-partisan kindness; these folk will ruin the country unless they are firmly, clearly stopped, and that means they need to be humiliated. I am not calling for violence, especially as they would LOVE cheap martyrdom, but we need to use our wallets and our votes to ensure they get the DISGRACE and SHAME they need before they destory this country!

Seek medical attention

"Do they want to incite the murder of Barack Obama? Definitely."." I do not like using the term "Nazi" in a loose way, especially as it is used somewhat flippantly. At this point, there is no other thing to compare Beck to." Hey fellas they have some decent pharmaceutical interventions for paranoid ideations, seek help !!! Your delusional thought process is frightening. Hurry up mid-term elections, the left has lost there minds.

Proper names

speaking of calling names - is it Rob or Robert Lorei. I listen in the morning to Robert and in the afternoon to Rob. Are they twins? I can't believe that anyone would have that much of a super ego to change names during the day. Good thing he is not on at night.

I Like Beck

He's not perfect but he's the best we have. Viva la revolution!!