Crist on pill mill lawsuit

09/24/10 Kate Bradshaw
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In April the state legislature passed a law to combat the rampant spread of pain clinics – also known as pill mills – in Florida. One Florida pain clinic operator and a patient are suing to have that law struck down.

By the time local and state governments began to crack down, the Sunshine State was already known as a hub for people seeking cheap and easy-to-get pain meds. Now, a new state law that beefs up regulation of pill mills is facing a court challenge. The law requires inspections of the clinics, stricter screening of doctors, and a three-day limit on pill supply, among other things. Governor Charlie Crist, who signed the bill into law in April, says he’s confident the plaintiffs have no case.

The plaintiffs claim that the three-day supply limit for the uninsured is discriminatory and a provision that forbids them from advertising drugs by name violates the First Amendment. Crist said the law in no way violates free speech.

An estimated seven people die from prescription drug overdoses every day in Florida. The pill mill bill, which goes into effect October 1 unless a judge blocks it, was passed unanimously by the Senate in April.

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More depth needed on this

So glad you updated us briefly on this "pill mill" issue--a life or death situation here in Florida (yet another one of Florida's disgraces--is it the highest death rate in the country due to prescrip overdoses?) But there has to be more than meets the eye on why these people are suing over this law. Hope you will keep us posted. Thanks.

I hope the judge finds out that the state had a chance to use a FREE Biometric real time prescription system that would control and stop all pill mills without any new laws however the wholesalers who fund the people in public office put the Black Listed on BioScriptRx The program is free from UCF and the must advanced system. Today people will DIE and all this could have been stopped. NASPER is beat by fake ID and runs 14 to 30 days behind so the drug dealer got his drugs before the doctor can find out.

pill mill law

This law is redolent with unintended consequences for legitimate doctors. They should rewrite the law with input from the physician world. Everyone, especially the legit MD's want these clinics shut down.

Charlie Crist is for this Bill

Until he's not.