Will the Fair Districts Amendments improve representation for Florida's citizens?

10/12/10 Robert Lorei
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Every 10 years, after the U.S. Census count, lawmakers in Tallahassee battle over how Florida's legislative and congressional districts should be redrawn.

But before districts are redrawn, there’s an effort to take the politics out of redistricting.

Two proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution on the Nov. 2 ballot would set new standards for how the districts are sketched. Amendment 5 deals with legislative districts, while Amendment 6 addresses U.S. congressional districts. Like all state constitutional amendments, each requires a 60% majority to pass.

Joining us now are a filmmaker and a reporter, to talk about how districts are drawn now. Our guests are Jeff Reichert- who directed the new film Gerrymandering which has a local premier tonight in St. Petersburg, and Cooper Levey-Baker, who’s written a new article about the way districts are drawn for The Florida Independent- a web based news site.

Note: About 25 minutes into this program we received a call from State Representative Darryl Rouson who was the subject of Levey-Baker's article.

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