Pre-Election Special

11/01/10 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, I'm Rob Lorei.

Today we're going to talk about politics and tomorrow's elections. Later we'll hear reports about Hometown Democracy and the possible end to public financing of camapigns. We'll also open up the phone lines.

But first- the growing national debt is a big issue this election. It's motivating many people to vote against political allies of President Obama. But which president's did the most to increase federal deficits and which did the most to keep it under control. Our guest is Richard Barrett a retired economics professor from the University of Montana. Barrett and a fellow economist, Steven Stoft have done a study of the last six presidential administrations (including Obama) to determine which presidents raise the national debt the most. Their report can be found at Barrett and Stoft found that since 1978 the Democratic administrations had presided over a $2.1 trillion increase in the national debt (in constant dollars) and the Republican administrations were responsible for a $9.1 trillion dollar increase. Barrett joins us right now.

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Zfacts??? Really??? early as March 2006, Zfacts had been tagged as “The socialist left in disguise” by R. Anthony Steele. Steven tried to defend Zfacts bias by saying, “…the right is in power and, obviously I go after those in power. There is not much use in taking apart those without it (power)…” After perusing the Zfact site I can see how it’s taking apart those in power now. If zfact is “The socialist left in disguise” then Steven must be “The hypocrite left in disguise”. Don't give us zfacts... give us just the facts.


Glenn I see you like to comment on just about everything, everyday. However if you do disagree. I would suggest attacking their credibility by actually disproving the facts.

Silence the heathen…

What??? I can’t just voice my opinion??? Hold on while I look up the definition of “comments”… the 1st Amendment and the 9th Commandment...

Republicans FTW!

woo hooo!! Republicans win! Crist threw his career away by siding with Osama. What a dumb move. He could have been a second term governor if he hadn't been so eager to step down to pursue bigger opportunities with his new friend, Osama. Oh well.. now he can go to his favorite bar openly.


Sad to think this is what adults act like..