The extent of health problems caused by BP disaster

01/07/11 Robert Lorei
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Yesterday the presidential commission on the BP disaster issued some initial findings of its investigation. Independent journalist Dahr Jamail is writing investigative pieces on the Gulf oil disaster for Al Jazeera and other outlets. He says:

"While the commission report has been released, untold numbers of people living along the Gulf Coast continue to get sick as a direct result of exposure to BP's toxic chemicals in their dispersants and crude oil. Dr. Rodney Soto, a medical doctor in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, has been testing and treating patients with high levels of oil-related chemicals in their bloodstream. These are commonly referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds. 'I'm regularly finding between five and seven VOCs in my patients,' Dr. Soto told Al Jazeera. 'These patients include people not directly involved in the oil clean-up, as well as residents that do not live right on the coast. These are clearly related to the oil disaster.'" See: "Illnesses linked to BP oil disaster"

Dahr Jamail article

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