Lucy Morgan has been writing about Florida politics for almost 40 years, she is currently the Tallahassee editor of the St Petersburg Times. Today, she spoke at the Tiger bay club in St Petersburg about state politics. Morgan spoke at length about former House Speaker Johnnie Byrd, who caused controversy at the opening of this year’s session by calling the other republican members of the house ‘sheep’ waiting to be told what to do.

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Morgan said that she thinks the incoming speaker of the house, Alan Bense, will be mush better than Johnnie Byrd. She made her pick in the Senate Race, predicting that Democrat Betty Castor will go up against a either Mel Martinez or Bill McCollum. Morgan picked Castor to beat McCollum, but said Martinez versus Castor will be a toss up. And Morgan said that term limits have been a bad thing for Florida’s state government, in that they have given lobbyists even more power, and they are now essentially controlling the democratic process in the Florida Legislature

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Lucy Morgan says there is no chance for either the house or the senate to return to democratic control after this year’s election.

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Morgan also said there is a need for more women in the state legislature, especially those who aren’t afraid to express strong, independent opinions.

WMNF asked Morgan what the medias role should be in solving the problems in Florida’s state government ACT

That’s Lucy Morgan, Tallahassee editor for the St Petersburg Times.

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