Fahrenheit 9-11, the new film by director Michael Moore which explores the monetary gains made by President Bush, his cabinet and friends from the war on Iraq and paints that war as being fought by poor Americans for the profit of defense contractors, opens today in theatres nationwide. Fahrenheit 9-11 opens with a scene from Florida—Al Gore and his supporters celebrating an apparent election night victory, which would later be called into question.

SOUND –thank you Florida

Florida makes several appearances in the film, including President Bush’s preschool classroom appearance as he is informed on planes crashing into the world trade center. So how do Florida residents feel after seeing the movie?


WMNF was only able to find one republican attending the first showing of the Fahrenheit 9-11 which details business connection between the Bush and Bin laden families and Bush and the Saudi royal families.


Tonight at the 730 screening of the movie, moveon.org will be holding a press conference to kick-start a grassroots voter registration organizing effort across the country to coincide with the movie. And on Monday night, Moveon political action committee is organizing house parties all over the country, which will include an on-line town meeting with Fahrenheit 9-11 director Michael Moore. For more information about the house parties log on to www.moveonpac.org

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