Bill McCollum picked up an endorsement in his run for Florida’s senate seat from Dick Armey, the former House majority leader who retired in 2002. The formal announcement was made today in temple terrace. In 1995, Armey co-authored the contract for America with Newt Gingrich, he is currently the Chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and co-chairman of the Alliance for Retirement Prosperity. During their news conference, Armey and McCollum stuck to McCollum’s main issue throughout his campaign—the need for a 250,000 dollar limit on medical malpractice rewards. McCollum said he thinks believes that doctors and lawyers are at odds, because trail lawyers encourage frivolous lawsuits against doctors, who then are forced to drive up prices for medical procedures, which then drives up health insurance. Armey told the story of his mother going through extra medical procedures because her doctor didn’t want to be sued.

ACT ‘If your mother is sitting in the hospital, are you on want her to go through an extra test. That’s the burden of 20 billion dollars of preventative medicine.�

McCollum has argued that there is no need to regulate the health insurance industry; he believes that the price of insurance would go down if malpractice suits were regulated. He did list a few other things that would be needed to help bring down health insurance costs.

ACT ‘We need electronic medical records, we need to put physical education back in our schools, I didn’t even know they were out, we need to change the tax laws…you cnat Deduct the cost of your health insurance�

Armey also said that limiting malpractice awards to 250,000 dollars will help small businesses, which will be able to afford insurance for their employees.

ACT “Long before I ever got interested in politics I knew that the small business sector was the key..anything that threatens the small business sector threatens the economy…

WMNF asked McCollum if he will support small business and communities when they are fighting to keep Wal-Mart and other chain stores out of their communities.


Dick Armey is co-chairman of Citizens for Sound Economy, a think tank which promotes deregulation of industry as well as less government, lower taxes. Recently a complaint was filed with the federal elections commission about Citizens for a sound economy, whose members in several states, especially Oregon, have recently been involved in efforts to get Ralph Nader on the ballot. Their members do not support Nader, but they see putting Nader on the ballot as a way to draw support way from john Kerry. WMNF asked Dick Armey about his involvement in the Republican dominated pro-Nader campaign.


Recent polls have McCollum leading Mel Martinez for the republican nomination for Senate; a poll by the Florida political action committee has McCollum in the lead 29 percent to 32 percent, while another poll has McCollum leading. the republican primary will be held August 31st.

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