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Historical amnesia about lynching in St. Petersburg: the John Evans plaque listen

06/22/15 Samuel Johnson
MidPoint with WMNF News Monday
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Tags: Saint Petersburg, St Pete, African-American, Lynching, racial, violence, history, Florida, John Evans, Landmarks, Tropicana Field


A small aluminum plaque, memorializing a victim of Saint Petersburg racial violence in 1914, is collecting dust in city archives. Investigation into a particularly grim episode in Saint Petersburg's past as a way to reevaluate the historical amnesia of Saint Petersburg.

On November 12, 1914, the intersection of 2nd Ave and 9th Street South in Saint Petersburg was the grizzly scene of the lynching of John Evans, an itinerant black farm worker. He was dragged out of the city jail on Central...

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A Thanksgiving look at the cultural importance of shared meals listen

11/26/14 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday
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Tags: food, Thanksgiving, National Geographic, sharing food, meals, history, Culture


Thursday is Thanksgiving and for many families that means gathering together around a table full of food.

To look at the historical and cultural significance of shared meals in human history, WMNF interviewed Rebecca Rupp. She’s a food historian and contributes to National Geographic’s The Plate, a food-related blog. Her most recent story is Eat, Drink and Be Merry.


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Tampa City Council may aid push to save historical Jackson House listen

11/21/13 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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Tags: Tampa City Council, Jackson House, African-American, history


Tampa city administrators are planning to demolish a dilapidated home that used to house such African-American icons as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a host of famous singers. But as During a meeting Thursday city council members seemed poised to ask staff to hold off on demolition.

Former Tampa City Council member-turned community activist Linda Saul-Sena wants to convene a group – the Jackson House Foundation – to save the sole remaining building on what was once the bustling Central Av...

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The Surprising History of the National Rifle Association

01/14/13 Robert Lorei
Last Call Monday
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Good afternoon, welcome to The last Call. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up we'll talk with author Steven Rosenfeld who has been looking into the history of the NRA and recent gun laws. And he's found some surprising things: that for most of the 20th Century the NRA was one of the country's foremost gun control organizations- it even helped draft tough gun laws. He also writes that some prominent conservative constitutional scholars- so called originalists- take strong issue with recent court decisio...

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A history lesson with two prominent Tampa old-timers listen

08/03/12 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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In July two prominent figures in Tampa’s history reminisced at the downtown library in front of more than fifty residents. Sam Gibbons and John Germany agreed that politics isn’t what it used to be.

The library is named after Germany who lobbied to have it built. He politely blasted current politicians for their misuse of office for financial gain.

“And it’s just shocking to see how the politicians become very wealthy in a politic...

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Historical Monument Trail to open on Tampa Riverwalk listen

03/06/12 Olivia Kabat
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday
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Today Tampa announced details of a new addition to the Tampa Riverwalk, a Historical Monument Trail. It will serve to educate the public and recognize Tampa’s history.

The Riverwalk Historical Monument Trail is being created as an initiative to bring more recognition and appreciation of people and events in Tampa’s history. The non-profit organization, Friends of the Riverwalk unveiled the first 6 historical monuments during an event today. Steve Anderson, chair of the Historical Monum...

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Interview With Sean Faircloth Executive Director Of The Secular Coalition For America

11/10/10 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Wednesday)
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Our guest today is Sean Faircloth, executive director of the Secular Coalition for America.

Faircloth will be speaking this Saturday morning in Clearwater about church-state issues, the Founding Fathers and the rise in the number of people who consider themselves "non-religious" in the U.S.

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Helen Thomas asks: "Why more war?" listen

02/18/10 Joshua Lee Holton
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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For fifty years Helen Thomas has reported on more U.S. presidents than any living journalist. She is famous for her phrase, “Thank you Mr. President,” which she has said at the end of White House press conferences.

Last night, Helen Thomas visited Orlando to promote her new book, *“Listen Up, Mr. President: Everything You Always Wanted Your President to know and do.”* she spoke to a crowd of more than 50 people at Valencia Community College.


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A History of Waterfront Parks in St. Petersburg. listen

02/11/10 Joshua Lee Holton
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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For 100 years, St. Petersburg has been known for its downtown public parks along the water’s edge. The Waterfront Centennial Committee is commemorating the occasion by honoring the civic leaders who made this possible. Last night was the first part of a series by the Florida Humanities Council called “Perspectives on the Parks.” A few dozen people went to the discussion at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

St. Petersburg history buffs took a step back in time last night, as a...

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Book details meetings between Lincoln and Douglass listen

12/01/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday
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In the new book written by historian John Stauffer, called, Giants, the Harvard professor writes about the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, and specifically, three meetings between the two.

Lincoln was of course, the country’s 16th president who led measures that resulted in the abolition of slavery.

Douglass was one of the foremost leaders of the abolitionist movement.

WMNF spoke with Professor Stauffer about his book last month. Stay tuned for the second par...

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